Tearjerker Movies

Want to watch a good movie and cry some liberating tears? Check out this list of 9 tearjerker movies that might do the trick for you. … More Tearjerker Movies


Exciting News!!

Hello, you beautiful readers! We’re thrilled to announce that we have officially expanded to Facebook! Simply type Scapegrace Heroine into the search bar (<– or just click the link right here). Feel free to like the page, leave a comment, share and just keep yourselves updated on our blog posts! We already have about a million new … More Exciting News!!

Who dis?

My name is Leonie, 24, MA college student and absolutely in love with stories. In whatever shape they come, films, tv shows, books, games, comics or even good ol’ gossip. Anything that transports me into another world or makes me interested in learning more about different kinds of people is worth having a look at. That … More Who dis?